Early Science Cycle - 2017A

3.6m Devasthal Optical Telescope (DOT)


The early science cycle - 2017A has started from 2nd of April, 2017. The Early Science cycle is for two months till 31st of May, 2017. 

  • Devasthal is 65 km from the nearest railway station (Kathgodam). For a list of trains between Kathgodam and other places, visit here.
  • Devasthal is about 90 km from the nearest airport at Pantnagar. For more information please visit here.


Successful Early Science Cycle Proposals

Proposal Id           

Principal Investigator



P01-2017A-ES  Tapas Baug Mid-Infrared Bubbles: Study the feedback processes of massive stars on their surrounding  TIRCAM2
P05-2017A-ES  Anand Narayanan The Galaxy environment around a warm absorber at z~0.12 Optical IMAGER
P08-2017A-ES  Yogesh Joshi High precision photometric observations of a transiting exoplanet WASP-92 to characterize stability of 3.6m DOT Optical IMAGER
P09-2017A-ES  Rakesh Pandey Deep optical photometry of young open cluster Optical IMAGER
P15-2017A-ES  Sridharan. R Near-IR photometry of super Li rich K giant HD 233517 TIRCAM2
P17-2017A-ES  Jean Surdeji Characterizing the lens extinction law and search for a core lensed image in the quadruply imaged QSO B1422+231: a pilot study Optical IMAGER/TIRCAM2
P22-2017A-ES  Shashi Bhushan Pandey Deep optical observations of NGC 5485 Optical IMAGER
P27-2017A-ES  Gopal Krishna A sensitive search for optical variability in carefully selected blazars on minute-like time scale Optical IMAGER
P28-2017A-ES  Soumen Mondal Photometric variability in Brown Dwarfs: Understanding of evolving weather patters Optical IMAGER
P29-2017A-ES  Amitesh Omar Imaging underlying old stellar disks in star-forming dwarf galaxies – a pilot study using TIRCAM2 on DOT TIRCAM2
P30-2017A-ES  Kuntal Misra Optical imaging of tidal dwarf galaxies Optical IMAGER
P31-2017A-ES  Sapna Misra Infrared properties of the jet dominated BALQSOs TIRCAM2
P36-2017A-ES  Hum Chand A sensitive search for the putative radio-quiet BL Lacs using DOT: A major upgrade to our pioneering project Optical IMAGER
P37-2017A-ES  Mridweeka Singh Searching emission from bound remnant of type Iax suoer novae Optical IMAGER
P38-2017A-ES  Firoza Sutaria Search for optical signatures of the shock-CSM interaction in SNe with dense CSM Optical IMAGER
P39-2017A-ES  Jean Surdej Identification of Gaia selected multiply imaged quasars with DOT Optical IMAGER
P46-2017A-ES  Kuntal Misra Deep nebular phase study of supernovae Optical IMAGER
P47-2017A-ES  Mousumi Das Optical and NIR imaging of dual cores in late stage galaxy mergers Optical IMAGER/TIRCAM2
P49-2017A-ES  Ashish Raj Optical and NIR photometry of old novae Optical IMAGER/TIRCAM2
P53-2017A-ES  Brajesh Kumar Deep imaging of supernovae nebular phase Optical IMAGER
P57-2017A-ES  Patricia Lampens Pulsation modelling during eclipses of oscillating Algol-type stars Optical IMAGER
P61-2017A-ES  Prajval Shastri A multi-wavelength study of a Doppler-beamed AGN TIRCAM2



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