Call for proposals for the Cycle - 2017B-Early-Science is open.

ARIES invites members of the Indian and Belgian astronomy community to participate in the call for observing proposals (Cycle: 2017B-Early-Science) for the 3.6m Devasthal Optical Telescope (DOT). India has 93% share in the telescope time of which 33% is guaranteed to ARIES, and the Belgian share is 7%. The Principal Investigator of the proposals should have affiliations at Indian or Belgian academic institutions and/or universities.

The observing period: 1st of October, 2017 to 31st of January, 2018
The proposal submission deadline: 1st of August, 2017 23:59:59 IST

User's Manual for Observers

Two instruments are offered for the Cycle: 2017B-Early-Science, 4Kx4K Optical CCD Imager and Near Infrared Imager (TIRCAM-2)

Note: Simultaneous observations using Imager and TIRCAM2 are not possible in 2017B-Early-Science Cycle.

Note: Only Science Proposals are accepted using DOPSES, other proposals should be sent to Director ARIES.

You can submit your proposals using DOT Online Proposal Submission System (DOPSES) at

Allocation of time on the telescope will be based on the assigned ranking of the proposals through a peer-review process by Indian and Belgian Time Allocation committees for Indian and Belgian proposals respectively.

The call for 2017B-Early-Science proposals is made with the understanding that all successful proposals and scheduled observations are considered as “shared-risk”. During this period of scientific observations, the DOT user-community should be aware that the feasibility of the proposed observations may change according to any differences in the available instrument sensitivities and the efficiency of the telescope performance compared to those that are advertised in this call. Early Science observations may be rescheduled or cancelled according to the additional telescope/instrument testing and engineering requirements.

ARIES will provide telescope operators and site-staff to perform routine start-up & shut-down procedures, and safety checks at the telescope.


Questions regarding the operational policies of 2017B-Cycle observations with the DOT should be directed to Dr. Brijesh Kumer ( Specific questions related to 4Kx4K Imager and TIRCAM-2, contact Dr. S. B. Pandey ( and Prof. D. K. Ojha ( respectively. For general assistance regarding the proposal submission process, contact Maheswar Gopinathan ( / Purushottam (

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  Devsthal is 90 km away from the nearest airport Pantnagar. For more details of flights to Pantanagar click here.

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