Observing Schedule for the Cycle – 2017B (Early Science)

Cycle2017B-Early-Science Observing Proposals

Proposal CodePI NameTitle
P200-2017B-ES Kuntal Misra Optical Imaging of Tidal Dwarf Galaxies
P201-2017B-ES Sapna Mishra Infrared properties of the jet dominated BALQSOs
P202-2017B-ES D. K. Ojha,TIRCAM2 Team Calibration Nights of TIFR Near-Infrared Imaging Camera-II (TIRCAM2) for 3.6-meter Devasthal Optical Telescope.
P205-2017B-ES Veeresh-Singh Probing intra-night optical variability in optically-faint radio-loud narrow-line Seyfert 1 galaxies
P212-2017B-ES Mridweeka-Singh Searching emission from bound remnant of type Iax supernovae
P214-2017B-ES S. B. Pandey Follow-up observations of afterglows of GRBs and their host galaxies
P216-2017B-ES Jean-Surdej Identification of Gaia Gravitational Lens Candidates with the 3.6m DOT
P217-2017B-ES Ritaban-Chatterjee Probing the Accretion Disk and Corona in the Broad Line Radio Galaxy 3C 111
P221-2017B-ES Brajesh-Kumar Deep imaging of supernovae during nebular phase
P224-2017B-ES Amitesh Omar Deep optical imaging of star-forming elliptical galaxies
P225-2017B-ES Ashwani-Pandey Multi-band Optical Flux and Color Variability of Newly Discovered TeV Blazars
P226-2017B-ES Vineet-Ojha A comparative Study of Intra Night Optical Variability (INOV) of radio-loud Narrow-line Seyfert 1 (RLNLSy 1) galaxies with and without radio jets
P232-2017B-ES Amitesh Omar Imaging star-forming Wolf-Rayet dwarf galaxies - a pilot study using 4K-Imager and TIRCAM-II on3.6-m DOT
P233-2017B-ES Priyanka Jalan Optical and infrared properties of obscured AGNs, without TIRCAM2 continuum flux.
P239-2017B-ES Bharti Arora NIR photometry of carbon rich wolf rayet stars
P241-2017B-ES Piyali Saha Broad- and narrow-band NIR imaging of a protostellar outflow source towards $\lambda$ Orionis ring
P242-2017B-ES Neelam Panwar Deep optical observations of a twin-cluster to understand twins fate
P244-2017B-ES Kuntal-Misra Deep nebular phase study of supernovae
P246-2017B-ES Tirthendu Sinha Studying variablity in sub-solar mass PMS stars
P247-2017B-ES Sridharan Rengaswamy The Lithium rich K giant star HD9746: A case study
P251-2017B-ES Saurabh Sharma Deep optical CCD photometry of Auriga region
P252-2017B-ES Ashish Raj Optical and Near-IR photometry of old novae
P253-2017B-ES Rakesh-Pandey Deep optical and near infrared observation of young open IMAGER star clusters
P254-2017B-ES Rahul Anand Near infrared observations of PAH stars
P260-2017B-ES Mousumi Das Near-IR Imaging of the Extended UV Disks in Nearby Spiral IMAGER Galaxies
P261-2017B-ES Neelam-Panwar Environmental effects on the formation and evolution of low-mass stars in feedback driven star forming
P262-2017B-ES Saurabh-Sharma Monitoring of FUors and EXors in NIR and nbL band
P264-2017B-ES Joydeep Bagchi Galaxy properties and assembly history of a rare BCG/cD galaxy precursor in Abell 407 cluster
P266-2017B-ES Aritra Chakrabarty Search for Planets Around Brown Dwarfs Using Differential Transit


Questions regarding the operational policies of 2017B-Cycle observations with the DOT should be directed to Dr. Brijesh Kumer (brijBLANK@ariesBLANK.res.in). Specific questions related to 4Kx4K Imager and TIRCAM-2, contact Dr. S. B. Pandey (shashiBLANK@ariesBLANK.res.in) and Prof. D. K. Ojha (ojhaBLANK@tifrBLANK.res.in) respectively. For general assistance regarding the proposal submission process, contact Maheswar Gopinathan (maheswarBLANK@ariesBLANK.res.in) / Purushottam (purushottamBLANK@ariesBLANK.res.in).

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