Electronics Laboratory

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Electronics section caters to the overall electronics and electrical aspects related to instrumentation and infrastructure. In this section a group of engineers and engineering assistants are actively involved in design, development, upgradation and maintenance activities. This sections comprises of different labs and related facilities to aid to the above activities. Since electronics has become a vital part in advanced instruments and telescopes this section plays an important role in all the new projects and installation of new instruments. This section works in coherence with other engineering sections in the field of opto-electronics systems, electro-mechanical systems and hardware interfacing and also with all the scientific groups for customizing their instruments.   

Another major role where this section is involved is in infrastructure development and maintenance activities. This section is responsible for installation and maintenance of facilities vital for effective functioning of the organization like strong communication setup, electric substation, centralized UPS and other useful appliances.

Embedded Systems Lab

This lab facilitates ESD safe working environment equipped with microprocessor and microcontroller evaluation kits, training kits, Universal I.C. programmer, In-circuit debugger, SMD station, multi channel DSOs and programmable function generators, computers providing both Linux and Windows platform for programming and interfacing. This lab is equipped with a GPS based Network Time Server with Rubidium Oscillator for a accurate and stable time base.

Instrumentation Lab

This lab facility is mainly meant for development and maintenance of different instruments under atmospheric section like BLL LIDAR, Airglow photometer, etc. This lab is equipped with multi channel DSO, Signal generator with window computer facility for programming and interfacing purposes. At present this lab is actively involved in development of LIDAR system. In near future an RF lab facility will be incorporated in this instrumentation lab.

Computer Lab

Computer Lab is part of both embedded systems lab and instrumentation lab and comprises of a LINUX server and a network of computers on different LINUX, NT and DOS platforms. A network storage disk equipped with this lab provides sharing and archiving of important data in the electronics section. This lab is WiFi enabled and is connected to different other locations with the help of analogue modems, SHDSL routers and VoIP.