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3.6 m DOT

ARIES invites proposals from the astronomical community of India and Belgium for observations with 3.6m DOT for the observing cycle from 1st of February 2021 to 31st of May 2021 (DOT-2021-C1). The deadline for receiving these proposals is 17:00:00 IST (UTC+5.5 hrs), November 30, 2020. India has 93% share in the telescope time of which 33% is guaranteed to ARIES, and the Belgian share is 7%. The Principal Investigator of the proposals should have affiliations at Indian or Belgian academic institutions and/or universities. For 2021-C1, all the observations will be carried out in service mode. The 3.6m DOT Observing Policy Document including time allocation guidelines and data policy are available at DTAC page. Science observing proposals can be submitted online via the DOT Online proposal management and evaluation system (DOPSES) available at

Notes for proposers :

The 3.6m DOT has three cassegrain ports viz. main axial-port, side-port1 and side-port2. It is possible to switch the ports within a minute using a fold mirror. In principle, a set of three instruments can be mounted with the telescope and used near simultaneously. The side-port2 is free at the moment. The 3.6m DOT currently offers four instruments (IMAGER, TIRCAM2, ADFOSC, TANSPEC) for carrying out high resolution imaging and low resolution spectroscopic observations of celestial sources. The TIRCAM2 is permanently mounted on the side-port1 of the telescope and it is always available for observations, whereas other instruments are mounted one at a time on the axial-port.
  Tentatively, IMAGER shall be available on DOT during 1st of February to mid-February, ADFOSC during mid-February to mid-April and TANSPEC during mid-April to 31st of May 2021. These preliminary schedule is guided by the past experience as well as the technical limitations. The precise instrument dates cannot be known before hand as it can only be derived from the demand for instruments by proposers.
  Proposers are requested to browse through the pages of Telescope and Instruments for detailed technical information and latest update.

Please browse through the pages of Instruments and Telescope for Latest Update.

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