Aims & Objectives

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The aims and objectives of the Institute :

(i) to promote, guide and carry out frontline basic research in astronomy and astrophysics, climate change, space physics and in particular to create a climate for research at the highest level by enabling individuals to work at the Institute on a full time, honorary or visiting basis, by establishing a state-of-the-art facility for basic research in observational and theoretical areas of activities of the Institute; (ii) to facilitate interaction with other universities and academic institutions and provide them access to facilities available at the Institute;
(iii) to conduct research programmes in climate change, space physics, astronomy and astophysics leading to research degrees, as well as post-doctoral work by research scholars;
(iv) to arrange advanced level schools and workshops in the above mentioned areas;
(v) to take over the present State Observatory located at Manora Peak, Nainital together with its assets, funds and staff, as agreed between the Government, of Uttarakhand and the Department of Science & Technology under the Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India (hereinafter referred to as Central Government) to administer, manage and develop it;
(vi) to establish and maintain a research and standard reference library in pursuance of the objectives of the Institute;
(vii) to establish, maintain and manage in-house laboratories, workshops and other units to assist scientific research in climate change, space physics, astronomy and astrophysics, and related areas;
(viii) to cooperate and collaborate with other national and foreign institutions, laboratories and other international organizations in the fields relevant to the objectives of the Institute;
(ix) to conduct science popularization programs to strengthen the scientific temper of students and people at large;
(x) to take up all such programs and activities that may further the basic objective of growth and propagation of climate change, space physics, astronomy and astophysics, and allied areas. The Institute may seek recognition by universities/institutions for the purpose of registration of students and others engaged in research at the Institute for research conferment;
(xi) to sponsor expeditions in and outside India for obtaining observations and information related to the fields of research pursued at the Institute;
(xii) to publish scientific papers, bulletins and journals and disseminate information relating to the objectives of the Institute;
(xiii) to draw, accept, make, endorse, discount and negotiate promissory notes, bills of exchange, cheques or other negotiable instruments with the Government, of India;
(xiv) to acquire by gift, purchase, exchange, lease, hire or otherwise any property, movable or immovable, and to construct, alter, demolish or repair buildings and structures as may be considered necessary by the Governing Council;
(xv) to approach national and international agencies for grants required for conducting its various programs which may include substantial international participation;
(xvi) to maintain an account to which funds received from the Government of India and other sources shall be credited and to deposit them in nationalized banks and invest the surplus in term deposits as prescribed in the Rules and Regulations;
(xvii) to take all necessary steps to protect the intellectual property of the Institute;
(xviii) to do all other such things as may be necessary, incidental or conducive to the attainment and furtherance of all or any of the above objectives;
(xix) all the objectives of the Institute shall be for charitable purpose and not for the commercial purpose.