Computer centre is now developing new website for Local Area Network. The features which are required within our ARIES campus, will be available on Intranet. Welcome to all of you for this new facility.
  Presently following links are available:

E-Administration System 
Office Orders 2020 
Proposal Submission Form  Cycle2011B
Internal Policies
ARIES official forms ARIES Library Web-OPAC Search
UP Governor's Visit to ARIES List of Publications
ARIES Telephone Number Booklet Input For Annual/Academic Report preparation(KRC, ARIES) 
Gazetted & Optional Holidays-2020 ---------------------Gazetted & Optional Holidays-2019
40" Night Observing Schedule
40" Telescope User Manual
Essential Softwares for Windows & Linux
ARIES IT Help Desk
                                 Computer section will continously upgrade our intranet website as per our requirement.