Pre-Ph.D. Course work [2018-19]
ARIES, Manora Peak, Nainital

  1. There will be 17 courses (Syllabi) and classes for these courses will be held in 4 terms.

  2. Time schedule of each term is here.

  3. Each instructor will take exam at the end of their respective courses.
    Evaluation for each course will be based on written exam, assignments, quiz and class performance.

  4. Each student will have to pass in each course individually and passing marks in each course will be 55%.

  5. Following the 4th term, each student will be doing two research projects, each with a duration of two months.

  6. Student will have to perform these two projects with two different scientists of ARIES. Same scientist for both the project is not allowed.

  7. Passing marks for the individual research project is also 55%.

  8. If student fails in any course or project, he/she will get one chance of repetition to pass that course/project. However, if same student fails in two different courses or twice in the same course, he will declared as fail and his continuation in the PhD will be terminated. Further, he will also be terminated from ARIES.

  9. Following successfully passing the Pre-PhD course work, students will be allowed to choose eligible ARIES scientist for their PhD research work.