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Jayanand Maurya

Designation: SRF
Thesis Topic: Photometric, kinematic, and variability study in the Galactic open clusters
Thesis Supervisor: Dr. Yogesh Chandra Joshi
New building Room no. 14 Cabin no. 10
Personal webpage (Maintained by individual)

Academic Background

I completed B.Sc. and M.Sc. from Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi.

Research Interest and Description

My area of interest mainly includes stellar and dynamical evolution in the Galactic open clusters, Galactic structure, and variability study in open clusters.

Recent Publications

1.) Photometric study of the young open clusters IC 1442, King 21, and Trumpler 7
                              -Maurya, Jayanand; Joshi, Y. C.; Gour, A. S.
2.) Photometric and kinematic study of the three intermediate age open clusters NGC 381, NGC 2360, and Berkeley 68
                             -Maurya, Jayanand; Joshi, Y. C.
3.) Photometric, kinematic, and variability study in the young open cluster NGC 1960
                            -Joshi, Y. C.; Maurya, J.; John, A. A.; Panchal, A.; Joshi, S.; Kumar, B.

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