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Aryabhatta Research Institute of Observational Science (ARIES)
Nainital 263002, Uttrakhand, India
Ph: +91-5942-270753

E-mail- saurabh at aries.res.in

Ph.D (Astronomy), 2008, Thesis Title : Studies of Young and Intermediate Age Open Star Clusters

Supervisor : Dr. A. K. Pandey, ARIES, Nainital, India

Key learning:

UV, Optical and Infrared photometry (reduction of large number of stars/star clusters), multi-object

spectroscopy (FORS2 VLT), work experience on various ground-based and satellite data (e.g. HST, GALEX

Spitzer, WISE, 2MASS, IRAS, MSX, NVSS etc), real time observing (photometric, spectroscopic, polarimetric)

experience with different telescopes during last twelve years (ESO-3.6 NTT SOFI, 4m SOAR, 4m Blanco Chile,

ARIES 1m and 1.3m Telescopes India, Hanle 2m HCT India), comfortable with C++ programing language,

experience with UNIX operating system, knowledge of astronomical software’s such as IRAF, MIDAS, SM,

GNUPLOT and Latex.

Research field:

Star formation, Star cluster and its structural dynamics, Mass Function, Stellar Variability.

Positions held:

2010 – present

Faculty Member

Aryabhatta Research Institute of Observational Sciences

2010 - 2011

Post Doctorate Fellow (with Edvige Corbelli)

INAF, Observatory of Arcetri, Firenze, Italy

2008 - 2010

Post Doctorate Fellow (with Jura Borrisova)

Universidad de Valparaiso, Chile

2002 - 2008

Research Fellow (with A. K. Pandey)

Aryabhatta Research Institute of Observational Science

Recent Research work:

1. The disintegrating old open cluster Czernik 3; Saurabh Sharma, Arpan Ghosh et al., 2020, MNRAS, 2020arXiv200804102S

2. Further milliarcsecond resolution results on cool giants and binary stars from lunar occultations at Devashtal; Andrea Richichi, Saurabh Sharma et al., 2020, MNRAS, 2020arXiv200803459R

3. Probing the Physical Conditions and Star Formation Processes in the Galactic H II Region S305; Lokesh K. Dewangan, Saurabh Sharma et al., 2020, ApJ, 898, 172

4. Unveiling the Physical Conditions in NGC 6910; Harmeen Kaur, Saurabh Sharma et al., 2020, ApJ, 896, 29

5. Variable stars in the Sh 2-170 H II region; T. Sinha, Saurabh Sharma et al., 2020, MNRAS, 493, 267S

6. Large-scale star formation in Auriga region; A K Padey, Saurabh Sharma et al., 2020, MNRAS.492, 2446

7. Stellar cores in the Sh 2-305 H II region; Rakesh Pandey, Saurabh Sharma et al., 2020, ApJ, 891, 81

Complete list of Publication: ADS link

Development work:

Incharge: ARIES Devasthal Campus

Co-Incharge: 3.6m Devasthal Optical Telescope

Co-Incharge: 1.3m ARIES Fast Optical Telescope

Member: Operation and maintenance committee for 3.6m Devsthal optical telescope

Co-PI : TIFR+ARIES Near-Infrared Spectrograph for 3.6m Devsthal optical telescope

Chairman: ARIES Computer user committee

Member: ARIES Academic Committee


1. A K Pandey (ARIES), Nainital, India

2. D. K. Ojha (TIFR), Mumbai, India

3. K. Ogura (Kokugakuin Univ.), Tokyo, Japan

4. N. Kobayashi (Univ. of Tokyo), Japan

5. Jura Borrisova (Univ. de Valparaiso), Chile

6. Radostin Kurtev (Univ. de Valparaiso), Chile

7. V. Ivanov (ESO, Garching), Germany

8. Edvige Corbelli (Arcetri, Florence), Italy

9. Andrea Richichi (ESO, Garching), Germany

International Academic Visits:

1. Member of Total Solar Eclipse Observing team at Antalaya, Turkey (2006)

2. COSPAR 2008 workshop on Optical and UV space Astronomy, Kuala lumpur, Malaysia (2007)

3. Conference titled " Massive Star Formation: Observations confront Theory" at Hidelberg, Germany (2007)

4. IAU Symposium No. 246 titled "Dynamical Evolution of Dense Stellar Systems" at Capri, Italy (2007)

6. Post Doctorate fellow at Univ. de Valparaiso, Chile (2008-2010)

7. Post Doctorate fellow at ARCETRI, Florence, Italy (2010-2011)

8. Conference titled "Impact of galactic structure on star formation" at Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan (2014)

9. Visit under JSPS project, Univ. of Tokyo, Japan (2014,2015,2018)

10. Conference titled "Wide-field variability surveys: a 21st century perspective" San Pedro, Chile (2016)

11. Workshop titled "NARIT International Astronomical Training Workshop", Chaing-Mae, Thailand, 5-10 May 2019

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