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Upcoming Seminar/Colloqium


Basics of Radio Astronomy

Speaker : Ankur Ghosh
Affiliation : ARIES
Date & Time :
Venue : Auditorium
Abstract :

Radio frequency covers a wide range of electromagnetic spectrum and most of the part can be observed from the ground-based telescopes. Receiving signals from very faint sources in the sky is a very complicated process and it requires high configuration receiving, electronics and software systems. Radio data obtained from several astronomical sources like radio galaxies, star-forming regions, Gamma-ray Bursts, pulsars, etc are a useful tool to study the universe. Different radiation mechanisms (thermal and non-thermal) can also be well studied using radio astronomy. In this talk, different scientific and technical prospects will be discussed to focus on the foundation of the subject. Overview of various concepts like cosmic radio signal processing, interferometry technique, radiation mechanisms and general instructions for radio astronomy will be presented to give a nice insight towards radio astronomy.

About Speaker :

Ankur is a PhD student in ARIES. This is a part of the Tuesday Seminar series