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Upcoming Seminar/Colloqium


Long term study of the Sun using Kodaikanal Digitised archive

Speaker : Dipankar Banerjee
Affiliation : ARIES
Date & Time :
Venue : Auditorium
Abstract :

Solar observations at Kodaikanal observatory over the last 100+ years provide one of the longest continuous series of solar data. Apart from that, simultaneous observations in different wavelengths make this data a unique one and suitable for multi-wavelength studies. The Kodaikanal observatory has been obtaining solar images since 1904 in broad band white light, narrow band Ca II K 393.37 nm and H-alpha 656.3 nm wavelengths. Many of these observations are still continuing. The historical data which were on photographic plates has been digitized. The study of the long term variation of the sun is very important to understand the future of solar activity. Solar variation affects our climate and near earth environment. This database is also useful for theoretical modelling of the periodic generation and variation of the large scale solar magnetic field. The preservation and distribution of such data sources through the datacenter hosted at IIA, Bangalore to the global scientific community have initiated a new platform for innovative and best practices for dissemination of this historical and heritage resources. In my presentation I will demonstrate how this data archive is producing new science results. A comparison with other global archives will be also presented.

About Speaker :

Prof. Banerjee is one of the leading experts in solar physics from India. He is currently the Director of ARIES.