In case Telescope is not pointing:

1. Switch off the telescope.

2. Move manually the telescope so that the RA and DEC pin holes are matching (check that by putting lock pins in the hole, don't forget to remove them thereafter)

3. Switch on the telescope, CCD, sky6, and TCS.

4. Go to TCS GUI.... Telescope ..... Initialization

5. Click on ---> set offset zenith , TCS will show 00 hour angle

6 Go to sky6 GUI -- click any bright star near zenith and move the telescope

7. Take image through CCD, most probably you will not able to see that star

7. Try to get star in CCD frame by moving the telescope (most probably you have to move the telescope by RA motion in WEST direction by decreasing the RA value (around 1.5 min))

8. When you get star in the centre of the frame go to TCS--- Telescope Initialization -- set star position-- HERE put the original coordinates of the same bright star keep in mind that the epoch is correct

9. Then click apply, TCS will show this coordinates

10. You are ready to go now, you will get stars in your frame at any point in the sky.