List of visit on process

Reference ID Visit Date Visiting Time No. of visitor Visitor type Visitor info. Name (contact) Visitor_contact_address Motivation_behind_the_visit_orEducational_tour
16642020-02-20post_lunch2students0Hemantika SengarKiran Dental Clinic, Sector 126 Noida I myself am a nuclear engineering student and very much interested in Nuclear Astrophysics. I did my previous internship in Department of Physics and Astrophysics and have handled nuclear data. I will be in Nanital for a vacation so I just wanted to get a view of ARIES and was curious about your instruments, 3D shows, working methodologies, etc hence I need your permission for visiting ARIES
16652020-02-24post_lunch2other31-40yrDr Rajender KaushikNear Hanuman mandir ,Sargakhet Being a scientist interested.