10th ARIES Training School in Observational Astronomy (ATSOA) 16th-26th March 2020
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Our current understanding of the Universe depends not only on the continuous growth of observation facilities, but also on the number of peoples utilizing them. Recently, there has been a surge in ground based world class observing facilities, such as our 3.6m ARIES Devasthal Optical Telescope, the 8.6m European Very Large Telescope (VLT) and the 10m American Keck telescope. Similar is the case in high energy range (X- and gamma-ray), which have been made possible by satellites such as XMM-Newton, Chandra, INTEGRAL, RXTE, Swift, and Suzaku. The same is also true for radio astronomy with many discoveries from the existing cutting-edge astronomical observatories such as the ATCA, VLA, VLBA, EVN, MERLIN and GMRT (in India) which is world's largest radio telescope at meter wavelength.

Clearly, given these developments, the need for more researchers to exploit the enormous volume of available and upcoming scientific data, both by analyzing and interpreting them, is pressing. In this context, we announce the annual ARIES Training School in Observational Astronomy (ATSOA) to provide young Indian universities/College M.Sc. Final year or Fresh Ph.D students the necessary expertise/skill to independently conduct data-analysis relating to observational astrophysics especially in Optical domain.

The 10th ATSOA will be held from 16th to 26th of March 2020 at ARIES, Manora Peak, Nainital. The focus will be on several hands-on sessions on observational Astronomy using the on-site 1m-ARIES telescope. The topics covered at the school broadly include: Telescopes, Star Formation and evolution, Inter-stellar medium, Radiative processes and techniques of photometry, spectroscopy as well as Galactic and Extra-galactic Astronomy. The first half of the day will consist of talks by ARIES scientists and the second half will be given to hands-on/demo sessions on image processing and spectral analysis. During the school ample time will also be alloted for discussions and practice. The participants would also be able to interact closely with ARIES Ph.D research students, who will be playing a major role in hands-on sessions and concerned activities.

The prime objective of the school is to help out young M.Sc. or fresh Ph.D students inclined to work in observational Astronomy. We welcome applications from candidates, especially M.Sc. Physics, at various Institutes and Universities all-over India, interested in Astronomy, Astrophysics and related topics. All selected participant are eligible for free hospitality and travel support by sleeper class in case they are unable to get travel support from their parent institute/university.

Important Dates

Registration opening date26 December, 2019 at 12:00 hrs
Registration, recommendation letter closing date 30 January, 2020 at 17:00 hrs
Announcement of first list of selected candidates10 February, 2020 17:00 hrs
Announcement of second list of selected candidates25 February, 2020 at 12:00 hrs
Program schedule10 March, 2020 at 12:00 hrs
ATSOA school16-26 March, 2020