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  • ARIES, Manora Peak
  • Beyond Aditya-L1: Conference

Beyond Aditya L1: Exploring the future of Indian Solar Physics from Space


On the horizon of September 2nd, 2023, India has embarked on its inaugural mission to explore the Sun with Aditya-L1 mission, a remarkable endeavour that has ignited an immense sense of enthusiasm within the solar physics community. While we eagerly anticipate the invaluable scientific insights that will emanate from Aditya-L1, there is a growing consensus among experts that the time has come to lay the groundwork for forthcoming space expeditions. This imperative aligns seamlessly with the visionary goals outlined in the Astronomical Society of India (ASI) vision document, a meticulously crafted roadmap forged through extensive collaboration with the scientific community.

Keeping this view in mind, " Beyond Aditya-L1: Exploring the future of Indian solar physics from space" is being conducted in ARIES, Nainital from 7th Nov 2023 to 9th Nov 2023. The main aim of this meeting is to bring solar physicists together to discuss possible future space missions. The impending conference holds promise as a platform for identifying and nurturing potential focal areas in solar physics. This meeting will consists of talks and group discussions that will help in shaping the idea of future space mission to study the Sun.

Participation in this meeting is by invitation only.