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National Grants

DST- SERB 2015 - 2018
Digitization project titled "Long term study of the sun using Kodaikanal Digitizited data" Ref:EMR/2014/000375
DST- Interdisciplinary Cyber Physical Systems 2018 - 2020
PI of project titled "Preservation and analysis of the century-long solar data from Kodaikanal Solar Observatory"

International Bilateral Grants

BRICS Multilateral Research and Development Projects 2018 - 2020
PI of the Project titled "Super flares on stars and the Sun" within India - China and Russia.
INDIA - US Knowledge R&D Networked Joint Center 2018 - 2019
Co-I of the project titled "Inference of Solar Variability Across Scales: Connecting the Disparate Scales of Magnetism throughout the Solar Atmosphere"
UKIERI UK - INDIA 2018 - 2020
Co-I of the project titled "The Sun under the microscope - An integrated research activity to maximise the science return from a new generation of missions to study the Sun"
DST- BELSPO international project 2014 - 2016
Three year DST and BELSPO bi-lateral project "Contemporary physical challenges for heliospherical and astrophysical models (CHARM) / National Large Scale Telescope" with Dr Dipankar Banerjee, from IIA as the P.I and Professor Tom Van Doorsselaere, Centre for Mathematics Plasma Astrophysics as the P.I. From the Belgian side.
British Council International project 2013 - 2015
Principal Investigator of joint three year UKIERI Trilateral Research Partnerships between IIA,
Queens University of Belfast and National Solar Observatory, USA. Funded by British Council
Royal Society- British Council India 2006 - 2009
Three year joint research grant for collaborative research between Armagh Observatory, U.K. and Indian Institute of Astrophysics (Bilateral program between Royal Society London and the British Council India). Dipankar Banerjee was the P. I. from India and J.G. Doyle was the P.I. from U.K.
DST- DAAD international project 2007 - 2009
Two year project grant under DST- DAAD (Indo-German bilateral program). Dipankar Banerjee
was the P.I. from India and Sami Solanki from Max Planck Institute was the PI from Germany.