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International Projects

  • Co-PI and Chair of the Science working group of the Coronagraph instrument for Aditya Mission

    Aditya will be the First dedicated solar satellite (proposed to be launched by ISRO around 2020) for studying the atmosphere of Sun. This will be a Visible emission line space coronagraph capable of taking images close to the sun (from 1.1 solar radii) at very high cadence (one image every second). It will also have a multi-slit spectro polarimeter capable of making polarimetric observations in the corona.

  • Co-I of the SUIT instrument for Aditya Mission

    SUIT is a full disk NUV imaging instrument to be own with Aditya.

  • Project Co-ordinator for the National Large Solar Telescope (NLST) project

    This project is in the nal approval stage. The plan is for a 2-m class ground based facility, at Merak, Ladakh. The site has been allotted to IIA for the establsihmnet of the NLST

  • P.I. of Kodaikanal Digitization program

    We have 100 years of synoptic data in several wavelengths as observed from the Kodaikanal Solar observatory. We have digitized this data and archived in the IIA data centre. I have been involved in the archiving process, calibration and now we are working with the calibrated data from this archive. This data has been made available to the public through a portal hosted at

  • Co-I of Polarimeter to UNify the Corona and Heliosphere (PUNCH) project

    In response to the 2016 Heliophysics Explorer Announcement of Opportunity by NASA the project is now in Phase A.

  • Associate Editor of the international Journal Solar Physics (up to 2015)