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  • Winter school in Solar Physics @ NIT Delhi
  • Winter school in Solar Physics @ NIT Delhi

Winter School in Solar Physics


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winter school on concepts in solar physics-2023

The physics of the Sun and the associated magnetic activity have been explored for centuries now. Whether it is through the continuously emanating high-speed solar wind or the occasional violent eruptions, the influence of the Sun in the immediate vicinity of our home planet, the Earth, is of utmost importance to us. The ever-growing reliance of our modern day-to-day life on technology means understanding the Sun is paramount. The recent launch of the Aditya-L1 mission has turned the spotlight on solar physics research in India. As the number of research groups in this field continues to grow in India, we intend to train young PhD students on various topics of solar physics through this winter school. The aim of this school is to teach some basic concepts of solar physics and introduce a few advanced topics mainly to early-career PhD students. Motivated final-year master’s students who may be working on solar physics topics for their thesis are also welcome to apply.

In addition to the lectures, we plan to organize dedicated hands-on sessions to teach specific analysis techniques/tools that are relevant for handling the multi-wavelength data from various solar missions. The program will be spread over 5 days, starting from 19th December until 23rd December 2023. The venue of the school is located on the beautiful campus of the National Institute of Technology (NIT), Delhi. The organization is jointly done by the ARIES and NIT, Delhi. The total number of participants will be limited to 50. 

Broadly, the following topics will be covered during the school:

  1. Magnetic activity of the Sun and solar dynamo models
  2. Dynamics of the solar chromosphere and spectropolarimetric inversions
  3. Diagnostics of the Solar corona
  4. MHD wave instabilities and turbulence in the solar corona
  5. Magnetic reconnection and the physics of solar flares.
  6. Observations and modelling of Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs)
  7. In-situ observations
  8. Sun-Earth connection

Who can apply?

This winter school is mainly intended for PhD students (preferably in the early phase) from various universities and research institutions within India working in solar physics and related disciplines. Motivated final-year Master’s students who may be working in relevant areas of solar physics for their thesis are also welcome to apply. 

How to apply?

Interested and eligible candidates are requested to fill in the following web from ( see link below) to make an application for the school. Local hospitality ( food and accommodation) will be provided for all the selected participants. Limited travel support may be provided for university students in case a proper justification is presented.

Link :