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Tenders/RFP's/GeM Bids

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Sno. Title Portal Tender/GeM Bid Ref. No./Id Document Corrigendum Details Tender Date Last Date
1 Disposal of Old and condemned carolla car
AO/ARIES/CAROLLA 1960/DISPOSAL/21-22/1804 NA 2022-08-22
2 Auction / disposal of items regarding of
CPP AO/3-9/Store/2021-2022/1325 Corrigendum 1 : Download Now
Corrigendum 2 : Download Now
3 Disposal of old and condemned carolla car regarding
AO/ARIES/Carolla 1960/disposal/21-22/873 Corrigendum 1 : Download Now
Corrigendum 2 : Download Now
4 Supply of UBVRI and SDSS Filters.
AO/3-36/2021-2022/661 NA 2022-01-11
5 Supply of UBVRI and SDSS Filters.
CPP No- AO/3-36/2021-2022/661 (Tender ID No. 2021_ARIES_660114_1) Corrigendum 1 : Download Now
Corrigendum 2 : Download Now
6 Comprehensive Annual Maintenance (AMC) of Multi Function photocopier Machines
CPP AO/3-7/2021-2022/355 (Tender ID: 2021_ARIES_643432_1) Corrigendum 1 : Download Now
Corrigendum 2 : Download Now
7 Ultra Superior Pure Liquid CO2 Cyllinder with liquid CO2 gas
GEM/2021/B/1339519 NA 2021-07-12
8 14 inch Telescope and acessories
GeM GEM/2021/B/1336025 NA 2021-07-07
9 Closed cycle Cryogenic cooling system
GeM GEM/2021/B/1305553 NA 2021-06-28
10 Johnson/Cousins Photometric UBVRI Filters and SDSS (Sloan Digital Sky Survey) filters
GeM GEM/2021/B/1286887 NA 2021-06-21
11 Laptop-Notebook
GeM GEM/2021/B/1295232 NA 2021-06-19
12 Comprehensive AMC of Multi-function Photocopier Machines
GeM GEM/2021/B/1252145 Corrigendum 1 : Download Now
Corrigendum 2 : Download Now
13 P/F PVC Wall paneling and portico work.
CPP AO/3-6/21-22/Civil/118 ( Tender ID No. 2021_ARIES_632279_1 ) NA 2021-06-04
14 Hiring of one Innova/Scorpio model-2018
Tender Ref No :- ARIES Tender No-AO/Tender/20-21/42 (Tender ID No-2021_ARIES_626909_1) NA 2021-04-20
15 Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for Refilling of Fire Extinguishers and spare parts.
AO/3-36(21)/2020-2021/3064 ( Tender ID No. 2021_ARIES_623144_1) NA 2021-03-22
16 Supply of U Bolt with 02 Nut and 04 washer M6x 75mm(GI).
AO/3-3(2)/2020-2021/3063 (Tender ID No. 2021_ARIES_623120_1) NA 2021-03-22
17 Supply of Bill of materials for adaptive optics evaluation kit
AO/3-36(27)/2020-2021/3060 ( Tender ID No. 2021_ARIES_622920_1) NA 2021-03-18
18 Supply fabrication inspection testing and commissioning of yard fire hydrant pipeline with hydrants
AO/3-18/2019-2020/3056 (Tender ID No. 2021_ARIES_622913_1) NA 2021-03-18
19 14 Inch telescope and accessories
AO/3-25/2020-2021/3055 ( Tender ID No. 2021_ARIES_622892_1) NA 2021-03-18
20 Extension of Tender No AO/3-36(20)/2020-2021/2973
AO/3-36(20)/2020-2021/2973 (Tender ID No. 2021_ARIES_619039_1) NA 2021-03-15
21 Compound non deviating prism
AO/3-36(23)/2020-2021/3026 ( Tender ID No. 2021_ARIES_620891_1) NA 2021-03-15
22 Indoor GyM Setup ( Exercise Bench 3 in 1 and other items)
AO/3-11(1)/2020-2021/3035(Tender ID No. 2021_ARIES_621540_1) NA 2021-03-10
23 Supply of all sky camera with software for monitoring observatory weather conditions/ night time all sky observation
AO/3-36(26)/2020-2021/3033 (Tender ID No. 2021_ARIES_621543_1) NA 2021-03-10
24 Stage for X,Y & Z Movement
AO/3-26(12)/2020-2021/3034 (Tender ID No. 2021_ARIES_621542_1) NA 2021-03-10
25 Compact Deuterium Tungsten Lamp Source Module and its power adapter
AO/3-36(22)/2020-2021/3000 (Tender ID No. 2021_ARIES_620371_1) NA 2021-03-04