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Electronics labs

Electronics section plays an important role to cater the need of installation and maintenance of different observing facilities in the institute. In addition, technical members of the section are relentlessly engage in in-house developmental work in different fronts like telescope control system, RF engineering etc to develop a culture of self-reliance. The brief description of the major activities which have carried out by the members of the section.

       SCADA Based Sub Station

A modern SCADA based substation system (100KVAand 400KVA) with suitable power backup from DG sets has been developed and installed at ARIES, Devasthal for providing quality electrical power to all observing facilities located at the site. The substations are equipped with automatic load management, distribution, computerized remote control, monitoring and event logging features. The substation system consists of two units configured in master and slave mode separated by a distance of ~ 1.5 km. Both substations are electrically inter-connected and linked through LAN network.

                                  The Electronic lab for 3.6m DOT activities.

A new humidity controlled ESD safe laboratory has been developed for storing, periodically energizing and especially learning different aspects of the complete range of sophisticated electronics, mechatronics and optoelectronics spares of the 3.6m DOT. This ESD safe lab space has been created by partitioning the central electronics lab. The lab is equipped with ESD safe workbenches, chairs, sleepers and tools like mixed signal oscilloscope, advanced function generators, programmable high accuracy power supplies, LCR meters, high accuracy bench top multimeter, serial decoder and protocol analyser, test cameras, precision drilling and cutting tools etc. along with facilities like three phase UPS supply, industrial PC with special interfacing ports etc.