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Recent Publications

  1. Kushwaha, P. & Pal, M. (2020). Short-term variability during different activity phases of Blazars S5 0716+714 and PKS 2155-304. Galaxies, 8, 66 (12pp).

  2. Weaver, Z. R. et al. (including Dhiman, V. & Gupta, A. C.). (2020). Multiwavelength variability of BL Laceratae measured with high time resolution. Astrophy. Jr., 900: 137 (26pp).

  3. Gupta, A. C. (2020). X-ray flux and spectral variability of the TeV Blazars Mrk 421 and PKS 2155-304. Galaxies, 8, 64 (15pp).

  4. Gangopadhyay, A., et al. (including Misra, K., Dastidar, R., Kumar, B., Singh, Mridweeka, Pandey, S. B. & Sanwal, P.) (2020). Optical studies of two stripped-envelope supernovae – SN 2015ap (Type Ib) and SN 2016P (Type Ic). Mon. Not. Roy. Astron. Soc., 497, 3770-3789.

  5. Kalita, N., Gupta, A. C. & Gu. Minfeng (2020). Temporal and Spectral Variability of OJ 287 before the April–June 2020 Outburst. Galaxies, 8(3), 58 (10pp).

  6. Gaur, H. (2020). X-ray spectral evolutioni of high energy peaked blazars. Galaxies, 8, 62 (7pp).

  7. Bisht, D., et al. (including Yadav, R. K. S.) (2020). An investigation of poorly studied open cluster NGC 4337 using multicolor photometric and Gaia DR2 astrometric data. Astron. Jr., 160 :119 (14pp).

  8. Mandal, S., Krivova, A., Solanki, S. K., Sinha, N. & Banerjee, D. (2020). Sunspot area catalog revisited: daily cross-calibrated areas since 1874. Astron. & Astrophy., 640, A78 (12pp).

  9. Wani, K. A. & Gaur, H. (2020). X-ray Flux and Spectral Variability of Blazar H 2356-309. Galaxies Jr., 8(3), 59(12pp).

  10. Ojha, N. et al. (including Singh, N.). (2020). On the widespread enhancement in fine particulate matter across the Indo-Gangetic Plain towards winter, Nature Scientific Report, 10: 5862 (11pp).

  11. Pandey, C. P., Singh, Jaydeep, Sonic, V. K. & Singh, N. (2020). Yearlong first measurements of black carbon in the western Indian Himalaya: Influences of meteorology and fire emissions, Atmos. Pollu. Res., 11, 1199-1210.

  12. Dhaka, S. K. et al. (including Singh, N.). (2020). PM2.5 diminution and haze events over Delhi during the COVID 19 lockdown period: an interplay between the baseline pollution and meteorology. Nature Scientific Report,10: 13442(8pp).

  13. Sharma, S. K. et. al. (including Srivastava, Priyanka & Naja, M.). (2020). Variation of carbonaceous species and trace elements in PM10 at a mountain site in the central Himalayan region of India. Jr. Atmos. Chemis., 77, 49-62.

  14. Jaiswal, A., Phanikumar, D. V., Bhattacharjee, S. & Naja, M. (2020). Estimation of turbulence parameters using ARIES ST Radar and GPS radiosonde measurements: first results from the Central Himalayan region. Radio Science, 55, e2019RS006979 (18pp).

  15. Dewangan, L. K., et al. (including Sharma, S. & Pandey, R.) (2020). Probing the physical conditions and star formation processes in the galactic H II region S305. Astrophy. Jr., 899:172 (16pp).

  16. Majumdar, S., Pant, V., Patel, R. & Banerjee, D. (2020). Connecting 3D evolution of coronal mass ejections to their source regions. Astrophy. Jr., 899:6 (15pp).

  17. Chand, V., et al. (including Gupta, R., Dimple, Pandey, S. B. & Kumar, Amit) (2020). Peculiar prompt emission and afterglow in the H.E.S.S.-detected GRB 190829A. Astrophy. Jr., 898:42 (13pp).

  18. Chatzistergos, T., et al. (including Banerjee, D.) (2020). Analysis of full-disc Ca II K spectroheliograms III. Plage area composite series covering 1892-2019. Astron. Astrophy., 639, A88 (1-22pp).

  19. Pandey, Ashwani (2020). Nustar view of TeV blazar Mrk 501. Galaxies, 8:55 (12pp).

  20. Eswaraiah, C., et al. (including Pandey, A. K.) (2020). Unveiling the important of magnetic fields int eh evolution of dense clumps formed at the waist of bipolar H II regions: a case study of Sh 2-201 with JCMT SCUBA-2/POL-2. Astrophy. Jr., 897:90 (19pp).

  21. Mannaday, V. K., et al. (including Joshi, Y. C., Pandey, A. K. & Joshi, S.) (2020). Probing transit timing variation and its possible origin with 12 new transits of TrEs-3b. Astron. Jr., 160:47 (15pp).

  22. Pandey, Ashwani, et al. (including Gupta, A. C.) (2020). Optical variability of three extreme TeV blazars. Mon. Not. Roy. Astron. Soc., 496, 1430-1444.

  23. Ojha, V., Chand, H., Dewangan, G. C. & Rakshit, S. (2020). A Comparison of X-Ray Photon Indices among the Narrow- and Broad-line Seyfert 1 Galaxies. Astrophy. Jr., 896:95 (22pp).

  24.  Kaur, H., et al. (including Sharma, S. & Panwar, N.) (2020). Unveiling the physical conditions in NGC 6910.  Astrophy. Jr., 896:29 (17pp).

  25. Bostroem, K. A., et al. (including Dastidar, R., Gangopadhyay, A. & Misra, K.) (2020). Discovery and Rapid Follow-up Observations of the Unusual Type II SN 2018ivc in NGC 1068. Astrophy. Jr., 895:31 (20pp).

  26. Maurya, J., Joshi, Y. C. & Gour, A. S. (2020). Photometric study of the young open clusters IC 1442, King 21, and Trumpler 7.  Mon. Not. Roy. Astron. Soc., 495, 2496-2508.

  27. Dugrapal, A. Rangwal, G., Bisht, D., Kaur, H., Yadav, R K. S. & Pandey, J. C. (2020). A search for variable stars in the four open star clusters. Jr. Astrophy. Astron., 41:13 (1-10pp).

  28. Bisht, D., Zhu, Q., Yadav, R. K. S., Durgapal, A. & Rangwal, G. (2020).  A comprehensive study of open clusters Czernik 14, Haffner 14, Haffner 17 and King 10 using multicolour photometry and Gaia DR2 astrometry.  Mon. Not. Roy. Astron. Soc., 494, 607-623.

  29. Durgapal, A., Bisht, D., Rangwal, G., Kaur, H. & Yadav, R. K. S. (2020). Study of open cluster king 13 using CCD VI, 2MASS and Gaia DR2. New Astronomy, 78, 101365 (1-9pp).

  30. Dumka, U. C., et al. (2020). Long-term (2008-2018) aerosol properties and radiative effect at high-altitutde sites over western trans-himalayas. Science of the Total Environment, 734, 139354 (1-20pp).

  31. Kangas, T., et al. (including Misra, K.) (2020). The late-time afterglow evolution of long gamma-ray bursts GRB 1600625B and GRB 160509A. Astrophy. Jr., 894:43 (14pp).

  32. Maurya, J. & Joshi, Y. C. (2020). Photometric and kinematic study of the three intermediate age open clusters NGC 381, NGC 2360, and Berkeley 68. Mon. Not. Roy. Astron. Soc., 494, 4713-4729.

  33. Ojha, V., Chand, H., Gopal-Krishna, Mishra, S. & Chand, K. (2020). Comparative intranight optical variability of X-ray and gamma-ray-detected narrow-line Seyfert 1 galaxies.  Mon. Not. Roy. Astron. Soc., 493, 3642-3655.

  34. Panja, A., Mondal, S., Dutta, S., Joshi, S., Lata, S., & Das, R. (2020). Census of the young stellar population in the galactic H II region Sh2-242. Astron. Jr., 159:153 (17pp).





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