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Detector System

Two CCD cameras are currently available with the telescope for obtaining images of the celestial sky.

1. 2048×2048 pixels CCD Camera: Andor’s DZ436 camera is a back-illuminated, deep thermoelectrically cooled having high resolution and large dynamic range. It has negligible dark current, low read-out noise and high quantum efficiency of up to 95% which is ideal for the faint imaging astronomy. Although it covers a large field of view of 18×18 square arcmin area of the sky but through windowing, one can just observe small area hence fast imaging is also possible with this instrument.

2. 512×512 pixels CCD Camera: Andor’s iXon EM+ DU-897 camera is an electron multiplying frame transfer back-illuminated and deep thermo-electrically cooled CCD imager. The CCD is cooled using thermo-electric cooler. It has a quantum efficiency of more than 90% and containing a 512×512 frame transfer CCD sensor from E2V technologies which enables charge to be multiplies on the sensor before it is read out. It covers a field of view of 5.5×5.5 square arcmin area of the sky. This detector is most suitable for ultra-fast imaging where few milli-second exposure can be given.


Currently, broad-band (UBVRI), (u,g,r,i,z) and narrowband interference filters for O[III], S[II], and H-alpha line filters are available. FILTERS

Filter Changing Mechanism + Autoguiding: