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Slot No Filter Size
1. S-II 80mm
2. 80mm
3. U 80mm
4. B 80mm
5. V 80mm
6. R 80mm
7. I 80mm
8. r (sdss) 80mm

Currently, broad-band (UBVRI), (u,g,r,i,z) and narrowband interference filters for O[III], S[II], and H-alpha line filters are available.

General Instruction

  • Don't clean any optical surface ( strictly prohibited ).
  • Observers are not allowed to repair or modify the Telescope and its default settings/instruments/software's and the position of the filters.
  • Keep in mind the limits of the Telescope (at most 4 hours from the Zenith).
  • If your have specific requirements related to the filters, please inform us one week before your observation.[ and ]
  • Bring pen drive/hard-disk/blank DVD/CD for copying your data and Please DO NOT delete any file from the data server.
  • You can see the 1.3m Observatory live weather conditions at Weather Conditions and Live Sky
  • For reducing your data, a computer with SCISOFT installed on it is available at observatory building.
  • Observatory vehicle is for official uses only.
  • Please bring your objects name, RA DEC & Image's soft copy and hard copy both to the observatory .
  • Please book your meals in advance. The nearest restaurant/shops is 8km away from the observatory and observatory is not going to provide vehicle for that.
  • All science publications from 1.3m DFOT should have acknowledgment: :"We would like to thanks the scientific staff and observing assistance team at 1.3m DFOT, Devasthal, ARIES Nainital for their kind help and support during the observing run" .
  • Feel free to contact Dr. Saurabh ( ) for any query regarding to 1.3m Telescope.
  • If any observer wants to come Devasthal Observatory form Haldwani by thier own vehical/taxi * [ Route: Haldawani-(5 km) - Kathgodam -(20 km)- Bheemtal -( 4 km )- Khutani ( 27km )- Dhanchuli Bend -(4 km) - Jarapani Market - (1.15 km) - ARIES Devasthal {Madakini Guest House} - ( 1.6 km ) - 1.3m DFOT Observatory ]


Before Observation!

  • Before opening dome make sure that
    • * Telescope is parked at zenith.
    • * Mirror is closed.
    • *Weather condition is perfect (no clouds in the sky + relative humidity is lower than 80 percentage).
  • Switch off all the lights and heat producing equipment in building.
  • Before the start of observations, please make your object list according your preference / RA DEC in the TCS PC.
  • Check the end/start of twilight time, sun/moon set/ rise time and moon phase before your observation, and all information are available in Sky6 software (Telescope PC)
  • Turn on CCD + cool it down to -80 degrees, one hour before the flat time and check the filter motions.


During Observation

  • Don't bring any eatable material in the TCS room, only drinking water you can carry.
  • Use of air dryer/heat convectors are strictly prohibited in the telescope building.
  • All observers are requested to fill online observation log during their observing run or as per their suitability but before 08:00am Online Observation log.
  • Keep an eye on the All-sky camera, humidity, temp, wind speed and weather during observations Weather Conditions and Live Sky .
  • Don't forget to take BIAS during the observations.


After Observation

  • Copy your data( best time to start copying is in between the end of observation and the flat observing time ).
  • Check CCD is properly reset to the room temperature & shutdown or not.
  • Check mirror flap.
  • Switch off filter unit at first slot position.
  • Park Telescope at Zenith.
  • Close dome properly.
  • Shut down TCS PC.
  • Put all waste material in to dust bin.
  • After the end of observations, please fill the online feed back form, your feedback is very important for the observatory to improve its facility. Online Feedback Form
  • Good Morning & go to sleep.


Before leaving observatory

  • Please pay mess/canteen bill in time.
  • For cleaning related issues please fill the form Cleaning Related issue-1.3m DFOT
  • You can also inform verbally to the staff members of Devsthal about the problems you have faced during observations.
  • Be sure that your data is being copied by you.
  • Throw away food or waste material in dust bin and wash the dishes you have used.
  • Leave your bedroom tidy.
  • Please confirm before leaving that the bedroom windows are closed, geyser/heater are switched off and the water taps are tightened.
  • Look around to be sure that you haven't forgotten anything!

Thank You
1.3m DFOT Team