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Cultural Program

Cultural Program

Culture is made up of traditions, beliefs, way of life, from the most spiritual to the most material. It gives us meaning, a way of leading our lives. Human beings are creators of culture and, at the same time, culture is what makes us human.

Sanskar Sanskritik Evam Paryavaran Sanrakshan Samiti, Almora, which has been working for the protection of folk art and culture for the last 20 years. Along with this, the work of taking folk dances of Uttarakhand like Chhapeli, Jhoda, Chachari, Ghashyari, Cholia Panyar etc. to every corner of the country has been done. In the year 2022, Vande Bharatam competition was started by respected Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. Organized under the joint aegis of Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Defence, in which the artists of the committee passed the competition and presented Chhapeli folk dance at Republic Day Parade 2022, Rajpath, New Delhi. In the year 2023, the Sanskar Cultural and Environment Protection Committee also participated in the National Culture Festival organized by the Ministry of Culture in Bikaner, Rajasthan.The committee has given its presentation in the folk festivals held in all the states of the country.

  1. Aadi Mahotsav 2023 New Delhi.
  2. International Gita Jayanti Celebration 2022 Kurukshetra.
  3. Soil colors 2022 Bihar.
  4. Shilp Gram Mahotsav 2022 Prayagraj.
  5. Shilp Gram Mahotsav.
  6. Conclave of Himalayan State Mussoorie 2021.
  7. Shilp Gram Mahotsav 2023 Udaipur.
  8. Winter Carnival 2023 Himachal Pradesh Manali
  9. Republic Day Parade 2023 Shimla Himachal Pradesh.




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