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BINA Poster Presentation

Poster Presentations

Session 1 : Observing strategy and upcoming backend Instruments

No. First Author (Affiliation) Title
S1-P1 Brijesh Kumar (ARIES) Science highlights with DOT
S1-P2 Tarun Bangia (ARIES) Health analysis of compressor for 3.6-m Devasthal Optical Telescope
S1-P3 Vibhore Negi (ARIES) The 4-m International Liquid Mirror Telescope Data Reduction Pipeline: Analysis and First Results

Session 2 : New Observing Facilities and back-end Instruments

No. First Author (Affiliation) Title
S2-P1 B. C. Bhatt (IIA) Site testing for optical telescopes in India – past and present
S2-P2 Bhavya Ailawadhi (ARIES) An automated photometric pipeline for the ILMT data
S2-P3 Kumar Pranshu (ARIES)

Automated Transient detection and classification in the context of ILMT

S2-P4 Naveen Dukiya (ARIES) Astrometric and photometric standard candidates for the upcoming 4-m ILMT survey
S2-P5 Peter De Cat (ROB)

The prospects of pulsating stars studies with the International Liquid Mirror Telescope

S2-P6 Prachi Prajapati (PRL) Near-infrared Imager, Spectrometer, and Polarimeter (NISP)
S2-P7 Purvi Udhwani (ARIES) Assembly and testing of a Ground Layer Adaptive Optics (GLAO) system on ARIES telescopes
S2-P8 Vibhore Negi (ARIES) 

Astrometric calibration of the 4m ILMT data

S2-P9 Kuntal Misra (ARIES)  Accessibility of the ILMT survey data
S2-P10 Brajesh Kumar (ARIES) Supernovae detection rate with the ILMT and their followup strategy with ARIES facilities
S2-P11 Monalisa  Dubey (ARIES) A year-long representation of the ILMT observations in different coordinate systems
S2-P12 Jean Surdej (Uliège) The 4-m International Liquid Mirror Telescope project
S2-P13 Paul Hickson (UBC, Canada) Serendipitous Detection of Orbital Debris by the International Liquid Mirror Telescope: First Results
S2-P14 Ethen Sun (UBC, Canada) Progress on a photometric data pipeline for extracting quasar light curves from ILMT images
S2-P15 Jiuyang Fu (UBC, Canada) Surface brightness properties of LSB galaxies with the ILMT
S2-P16 Baldeep Grewal (UBC, Canada) Extracting High-Quality Light Curves for Cepheid Variables with the ILMT
S2-P18 Anna Pospieszalska (Uliège) Detection and characterisation of Asteroids with the 4-m ILMT
S2-P19 Somsawat Rattanasoon

Spectroscopic Devices for Asteroseismology With Small Telescopes in NARIT

Session 3 : Solar System Bodies and Exoplanetary Science

No. First Author (Affiliation) Title


Session 4 : Multiple Stellar Systems

No. First Author (Affiliation) Title
S4-P1 Alok Durgapal (KU, Nainital) Search of variable stars in open clusters
S4-P2 Anju Panthi (BITS, Pilani) Study of BMP stars using UVIT/AstroSat
S4-P3 Athul Dileep (ARIES)

Exploring the Nainital-Cape Survey Stars with TESS

S4-P4 A. S. Hojaev (UBAI, Uzbekistan) Study for variable stars in King 18
S4-P5 Jeewan C. Pandey (ARIES)

X-ray study of a disc-overflow system TX Col

S4-P6 Katrien Kolenberg (KU Leuven) Study of RR Lyrae stars
S4-P7 Kaushar Vaidya (BITS, Pilani)

Blue Straggler Stars of NGC 7789 and NGC 2506 using AstroSat/UVIT

S4-P8 Komal Chand (BITS, Pilani)

Characterisations of hot populations of Berkeley 39 open cluster using UVOT/Swift

S4-P9 Khushboo Kunwar Rao (BITS, Pilani)

Blue straggler stars: setting up a dynamical clock for open clusters

S4-P10 Jayanand Maurya (PRL)

Probing stellar evolution properties through variable stars in open cluster NGC 381

S4-P11 Mrinmoy Sarkar (ARIES) Time-Resolved TESS Photometry of HD 118660
S4-P12 Priya Hasan (Maulana Azad National Urdu University) Binary fraction in Star Clusters
S4-P13 Arvind K. Dattatrey (ARIES) UVIT/Astrosat studies of blue straggler star in NGC 362- detection of extremely low mass white dwarf
S4-P14 Sadhana Singh (ARIES) Polarimetric Approach towards Membership Probability
S4-P15 Sneh Lata (ARIES) Detection of variable stars in the Galactic globular cluster M15
S4-P16 Srinivas M. Rao (ARIES) Change in accretion flow in the Intermediate Polar, V709 Cas
S4-P17 Subhajeet Karmakar (MIRA, USA) Astrosat investigation of X-ray flares on two active K-M systems: CC Eri and AB Dor
S4-P18 Subhajeet Karmakar (MIRA, USA)

Spectroscopic Investigation of stellar atmosphere from MIRA/OOS

S4-P19 Yogesh Chandra Joshi (ARIES)

Investigation of orbital-period changes of the short-period eclipsing binaries

S4-P20 Diya Ram (SNBNCBS) Magnetic Activity of M-dwarfs
S4-P21 Rajib Kumbhakar (SNBNCBS)

Photometric Variability of Young Brown Dwarfs and Very Low Mass Stars in the Taurus Star Forming Region

Session 5 : Spectroscopy of Galactic Sources

No. First Author (Affiliation) Title
S5-P1 Farha Gaffur (University of Calicut) The isotopic ratios of Ba and Eu in s-process enhanced stars
S5-P2 Laurent Mahy (ROB)

Identifying quiescent compact objects in massive Galactic single-lined spectroscopic binaries

S5-P3 Meenakshi P. (IIA) Peculiar abundances of the cool carbon star HE 1104-0957 
S5-P4 Mohammad Riyas (University of Calicut) Is i-process dependent on metallicity?
S5-P5 Partha Pratim Goswami (IIA) Formation scenarios of Ba stars: new evidence from the masses of the companion AGBs


J. Adassuriya  Cure of Growth Analysis of High-Resolution and Low-Resolution Spectra of SZ Lyn

Session 6 : Massive Stars

No. First Author (Affiliation) Title
S6-P1 Abhay Pratap Yadav (NIT-Rourkela) Study of instabilities and outbursts in luminous blue variables
S6-P2 Michaël De Becker (Uliège)

Investigating the role of pre-supernova massive stars in the acceleration of galactic cosmic rays

S6-P3 Michaël De Becker (Uliège) Synchrotron radio emission as a proxy to identify long period massive binaries
S6-P4 Sugyan Parida (NIT-Rourkela) Study of B[e] type supergiant MWC 137

Session 7 : Multi-wavelength studies of star formation regions

No. First Author (Affiliation) Title
S7-P1 Aayushi Verma (ARIES)

Study of Young Star-Forming Region near AFGL 5157

S7-P2 Harmeen Kaur (KU)

Spatial structure and star formation scenario in young star  cluster Bochum 2

S7-P3 Neelam Panwar (ARIES)

Formation and Evolution of young low-mass stars in star forming Regions

S7-P4 Saurabh Sharma (ARIES) Multi-wavelength Star formation studies
S7-P5 Théo Furst (ROB)

Characterisation of the massive star formation history in young open clusters

S7-P6 Tapas Baug (SNBNCBS)

Protostellar outflows and their orientation with host filaments in massive protoclusters

S7-P7 Sudip Pramanik (SNBNCBS) Census of Young Stars in Galactic Star-forming Region Sh2-88
S7-P8 Samrat Ghosh Young and Active Low-mass Stars in Star-Forming Regions

Session 8 : Compact objects

No. First Author (Affiliation) Title

Session 9 : Transients

No. First Author (Affiliation) Title
S9-P1 Amar Aryan (ARIES) Supernovae from a pop III star of 25 Solar mass
S9-P2 Amit Kumar Ror (ARIES) Prompt emission and early optical afterglow of VHE detected GRB 201015A and GRB 201216C: onset of the external forward shock
S9-P3 Ankur Ghosh (ARIES)

Prompt emission properties of GRB 200613A

S9-P4 Kuntal Misra (ARIES) Gamma Ray Bursts and their afterglows at TeV energies

Session 10 : Extragalactic Astrophysics

No. First Author (Affiliation) Title
S10-P1 Akhunov Talat (NUUU, Tashkent) Light curves and time delay of the gravitationally lensed systems : SDSS J2124+1632 and SDSS J0806+2006
S10-P2 Chelliah Subramonian Stalin (IIA) Star formation characteristics of galaxies hosting AGN
S10-P3 Mainpal Rajan Spectro-timing analysis of an NLS1 galaxy NGC 4748
S10-P4 Margarita Safonova (IIA) Deep photometry of suspected gravitational lensing events
S10-P5 Shivangi Pandey (ARIES)

Measuring the black hole mass of the low-luminous AGN : NGC 4395

S10-P6 Sunil Chandra  (SAAO)

One-HaLe model for the SED of blazars and a curious case of CGRaBS J0211+1051

S10-P7 Vijayakumar H Doddamani (Bangalore University) Nature of UV variability in NGC 4151 using IUE’s intensive monitoring spectroscopic data
S10-P8 Vinit Dhiman (ARIES) Multi-band Optical Variability of the TeV Blazar PG 1553+113
S10-P9 Haritma Gaur(ARIES)

X-ray spectral breaks in high redshift blazars: probes of intervening medium


     Aakash Narayan (IS-BHU) Study of Magnetic Dipole Moment of Pulsar