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Prof. Satish Kumar Dubey
IIT Delhi
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Albuminuria is an excellent marker for early diagnosis of kidney
and cardiovascular disease. Precise quantification of albumin at lower
concentrations is based on urinary analyzers that are not portable and
cannot be used in point-of-care (PoC) settings.  A rapid diagnostic- test
reader for albuminuria using smartphone-based device is being
Smartphone based colorimetric quantification of analytes are based on
reflectance photometry. The system consists of a reading device and a test
strip. The test strips are designed in a way that the color of its test
pads intensify or deviate in close correlation with the change in
concentration of the analyte. System uses the smartphone camera as the
sensor to detect this change in color on the test strips and determine the
concentration of analytes. It detects and quantifies different albumin
concentrations (especially lower), using commercially available dipsticks,
enabling better diagnosis of early stage of kidney damage. Implementation
of deep learning models to compensate camera spectral sensitivities and
camera calibration gives it an edge over the existing methods and devices.

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Dr. Satish Kumar Dubey is currently an Associate Professor in Centre for Sensors, Instrumentation and Cyber Physical System Sngineering(SeNSE) at IIT Delhi. Dr. Dubey completed his Masters in Physics from IIT Madras in the year 2002. He completed his M.Tech and PhD in Applied Optics from IIT Delhi in 2004 and 2009 respectively.

In February 2008, Dr. Dubey joined Central Scientific Instruments Organisation (CSIO), Chandigarh as Scientist but shortly moved to Singapore to work as Optics Engineer at Coherent Singapore where he specialized in laser based instrumentation for processing applications. He returned back to India in 2010 to join Instruments Research and Development Establishment (IRDE) Dehradun, a unit of DRDO where he worked in the area of Thermal Range Modeling and Instrumentation.

His next stint was at Corporate R&D, Siemens Bangalore where he worked for six years in the field of Sensors Technology for industry and healthcare applications. At R&D Siemens, Dr. Dubey had mainly worked in two research groups; Applied Photonics and Diagnostics & Biosciences India.

Dr. Dubey is experienced in design & development of novel measurement/imaging techniques by leveraging the core competencies in optical instrumentation. Dr. Dubey has been been actively involved in the development of optics and optoelectronic sensors for industrial and biomedical applications. He has 21 research publications in the international peer reviewed journals, 18 papers in international and national conferences, 1 book chapter and 12 patent applications filed nationally and internationally, with him being a co-inventor.

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