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PROF. Syed Afsar Abbas
Centre for Theoretical Physics, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi
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The Titius-Bode Law, after having been dormant for long, has recently been given a boost through applications in the currently active field of search
and identification of exoplanets. We discuss how the original Titius-Bode Law is wrong in details, and actually what we need is some Titius-Bode-Like
Law which narrows down upon the most interesting empirical fact of the doubling of distances between two alternate planets in our Solar system e.g.rSV ∼ 2 × rSM , rSC ∼ 2 × rSm, rSJ ∼ 2 × rSC , rSs ∼ 2 × rSJ , rSU ∼ 2 ×rSs (S,M,V,m,C,J,s,U stand for Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Ceres, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus respectively). We discover a new hidden geometric structure,which is successful in predicting all the above relationships plus the Earth-Sun system as well. We show that to ”fully” comprehend the structure of
our Solar system, the standard geometry holding good for the Newton’s laws and the Kepler’s laws, should be supplemented with this new geometry. This
new geometry displays a new quantum mechanics too. This new quantum mechanics is enforced through the Eudoxus’ Theory of Proportion within a
synthetic geometric structure. Being independent of Planck’s constant, this new quantum mechanics is able to manifest itself both at the microscopic as
well as the macroscopic scales. Finally, we show that this new geometry can be understood as corresponding to a limitimg form of the Special Theory of Relativity.

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Prof. Syed Afsar Abbas is a visiting professor at the Centre for Theoretical Physics, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi. He also holds the visiting professor position at the Centre for Cosmology and Science Popularisation, SGT University, Delhi. His research interests are quantum mechanics, mathematical physics,
Cosmology, theoretical particle physics, nuclear physics, philosophy of science, etc.

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