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The day 26 November is celebrated every year as Constitution Day which is also known as ‘Samvidhan Divas’. On 26 November, 1949 the Constitution of India was adopted and it was enforced on 26 January, 1950. Since then, the Constitution has been successfully guiding the path and process of India. The celebration of the Constitution Day and subsequent activities aim to spread  awareness on the importance of the Indian Constitution and to acknowledge the contributions of its architect, Dr B R Ambedkar. The year long activities for celebration of the Constitution day have been started since 26 November, 2019 across India. These activities are aimed to reiterate the Indians towards the principle values expressed in the Indian Constitution and encourage the citizens to play their rightful role in strengthening the Indian Democracy. Further, this celebration aims to create awareness about Fundamental Duties as enshrined in the Indian Constitution.

Various activities are planned by ARIES for celebration of the national Constitution Day:-

S.N.                              Activity     Date
1 Essay Writing on the Constitution 30-07-2020
2 Quiz Competition 13-08-2020
3 Seminar on the Constitution & citizens' duties
(Abstracts of the talksPhotos)
4 Posters on the Constitution & citizens' duties 18-09-2020
5 Essay writing, Quiz competition, and Drawing competition on the Indian Constitution and Citizens' duties 02-10-2020