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Shilpa Sarkar

Designation: PTSF
Thesis Topic: Two Temperature Solution and Spectral Analysis of Flows around Compact Objects
Thesis Supervisor: Dr. Indranil Chattopadhyay
Main Building, Cabin No. 2
Personal webpage (Maintained by individual)

Academic Background

I was born and brought up in Salt Lake, Kolkata. I did my schooling (class 1-12) at St. Francis Xavier school, Kolkata. I got enrolled in Bidhannagar College, Kolkata in 2010 and graduated with B.Sc. Physics Honours in 2013. This is under West Bengal State University. Then I did my M.Sc. in Physics (Astrophysics specialisation) from Presidency University, Kolkata. I got the degree in 2015. Thereafter, I joined PhD in Astrophysics at ARIES, Nainital. I submitted my thesis on 22.07.2021 at Pt. Ravishankar Shukla University, Raipur, India, where I am registered for PhD. Currently, I am a Post-Thesis Submission Fellow (PTSF) at ARIES. Apart from these, I have a love for programming since childhood. I obtained a Certificate in Information Technology (IT) in 2004 (when I was in class 6) and then proceeded further to obtain a Diploma in Software Engineering in 2006 (when I was in class 8).

Research Interest and Description

I work on theoretical modelling of accretion discs around compact objects like black holes and neutron stars. Underlying physics around these objects is interesting as well as important due to the strong effects of gravity, bending space and time. My work focusses on obtaining correct unique two-temperature solutions as well as analysing their spectrum. The publications have been listed below.

Recent Publications