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Nikita Rawat

Designation: SRF
Thesis Topic: Accretion Flows in Magnetic Cataclysmic Variables
Thesis Supervisor: Dr Jeewan C. Pandey
16, New Building
Personal webpage (Maintained by individual)

Academic Background

I completed my graduation and post-graduation from the University of Delhi in 2017. I joined ARIES in 2018 to pursue research in Astronomy and Astrophysics.

Research Interest and Description

My primary interest is in understanding the accretion mechanisms in magnetic cataclysmic variables. These interacting binary systems contain a Roche-lobe filling late-type secondary star that transfers material to a magnetic primary white dwarf (WD). The magnetic field of the WD plays a vital role in controlling the motion of the accretion flow within the effective magnetospheric radius. I use optical and X-ray data from ground-based and space-based observations to understand the accretion flow scenarios in these objects.

Recent Publications
  1. A step towards unveiling the nature of three cataclysmic variables: LS Cam, V902 Mon, and Swift J0746.3-1608
    Rawat, Nikita; Pandey, J. C.; Joshi, Arti; Yadava, Umesh; 2022, MNRAS, 512, 6054–6066
  2. Optical Characterization of Two Cataclysmic Variables: RBS 0490 and SDSS J075939.79+191417.3
    Joshi, Arti; Pandey, J. C.; Rawat, Nikita; Raj, Ashish; Wang, Wei; Singh, H. P.; 2022, AJ, 163:221 (11pp)
  3. X-ray confirmation of the intermediate polar IGR J16547-1916
    Joshi, Arti; Wang, Wei; Pandey, J. C.; Singh, K. P.; Naik, S.; Raj, Ashish; Anupama G. C.; Rawat, Nikita; 2022, A&A, 657, A12
  4. TESS Observations of TX Col: Rapidly Varying Accretion Flow
    Rawat, Nikita; Pandey, J. C.; Joshi, Arti; 2021, ApJ, 912:78 (10pp)