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  1. To encourage and enable ARIES astronomical community to take an active role in explaining what we do (and why) to our fellow citizens.
  2. To facilitate teachers and students at undergraduate and graduate levels in carrying out smaller observational projects in Astronomy & Astrophysics using small aperture telescopes.
  3. To give a glimpse of opportunities that are available for the young, enthusiastic and bright students who want to take up Astronomy & Astrophysics as their career.
  4. With live night-sky watching program, give opportunity and thrill of seeing night sky planets/moon and their structure with ASPOP 14 inch telescope in ARIES Science Center.
  5. Taking advantage of advanced technology, to spread the excitements of the sky with full dome sky shows, with our coming mini-digital planetarium facility.

How to apply? Main target is the young generation, especially school, college and university students who are potential future astronomer, but anyone interested is welcome to visit. Click here to Apply online.