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Past Seminar/Colloquium

Sno. Date and Time Topic Speaker Affiliation Download Link to view
1 A Look at the Radio-loud/Radio-quiet AGN Divide with Multi-scale Radio Observations Prof. Preeti Kharb NCRA, TIFR, Pune
2 Shocks in radiatively driven time-dependent, relativistic jets around black holes Raj Kishor Joshi ARIES
3 ANDES: The High Resolution Spectrograph for the European Extremely Large Telescope Prof. Alessandro Marconi University of Florence
4 Demystifying large radio halos around galaxies Dr. Amitesh Omar ARIES, Nainital
5 It’s hot, it’s magnetic and it’s dynamic and it matters: the solar atmosphere and solar wind Prof. Durgesh Tripathi IUCAA, Pune
6 Photometric and period analysis of contact binaries Alaxender Panchal ARIES, Nainital
7 Recent advances in coronal physics from low radio frequency observations Divya Oberoi NCRA, Pune
8 Energetic cosmic transients in the context of Gamma Ray Bursts-Supernovae connections Amit Kumar ARIES
9 Gaia 20eae: A recently discovered episodically accreting star Arpan Ghosh ARIES
10 Understanding the nonlinearity and predictability of the solar dynamo Dr. Bidya Binay Karak IIT BHU
11 Modelling the dust size distribution and its catalytic role in interstellar and terrestrial chemistry of trace gases Dr Jayesh Bhatt University College London, UK
12 Star Planet Interactions: From Solar to Exoplanetary Systems Prof. Dibyendu Nandi IISER Kolkata
13 Faint and Fast Transients in the Local Universe Shubham Srivastav Queen's University, Belfast, UK
14 Women in Science: Breaking Barriers Prof. Srubabati Goswami Physical Research Laboratory
15 Spiral Shocks in Accretion Disk with Mass Outflow in Binary: Application to accreting white dwarf MD Ramiz Aktar Department of Astronomy, Xiamen University, China
16 Recent advances in Fast Radio Burst studies from the CHIME/FRB telescope Dr. Shriharsh Tendulkar NCRA, TIFR, Pune
17 Star formation in Young Star Clusters (YSCs) and H II regions Rakesh Pandey ARIES
18 Multiwavelength study of variable stars and star formation in open star clusters Tirthendu Sinha ARIES
19 New Era of Optical Interferometric Observations: Supermassive Black Holes in AGNs Prof. Jian-Min Wang IHEP, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China
20 Stellar populations in Globular clusters - understanding of stellar evolutionary stages, stellar physics, and subtle relationship between colors and environments Dr. Rashi Jain University of Strasbourg
21 OJ287: The New Broadband Component and the issue of X-ray spectral changes Pankaj Kushwaha ARIES
22 Properties of high-redshift starburst galaxies and their local analogs contributing to the reionization of our early universe Dr. Abhishek Paswan IIA, Bengaluru
23 Investigating the nature and structure of the inner regions in Active Galactic Nuclei Vivek Jha DDUGU/ARIES
24 Timing and spectroscopic investigations of High-mass X-ray Binaries Varun Bahal ARIES
25 Detection of solar atmospheric features and study of long-term variability of solar filaments and their seismology Rakesh Mazumdar ARIES
26 Dynamics of small-scale magnetic flux cancellation in the solar photosphere Dr Anjali Kaithakkal ARIES
27 Evaluating the Origin of Chemical Anomalies in Am Stars Trust Otto Mbarara University of Science and Technology,
28 Energetic cosmic transients: stripped-envelope core-collapse supernovae and long gamma-ray bursts Amit Kumar ARIES
29 Remote sensing study of trace gases and meteorological parameters over the Himalayan and associated regions. Prajjwal Rawat ARIES
30 Dust Properties Towards Galactic Anti-Center Direction Sadhana Singh ARIES
31 Multi wavelength study of GRB 200524A Ankur Ghosh ARIES
32 Intranight variability of UV emission from powerful blazars Krishan Chand ARIES
33 Photometric, kinematic, and variability study in the Galactic open clusters Jayanand Maurya ARIES
34 Study on Carbonaceous Aerosols over the Central Himalayas Priyanka Srivastava ARIES
35 Pre-main sequence variables in the young open cluster IC 1848 Tirthendu Sinha ARIES
36 Extragalactic Astrophysics in the context of 4-m ILMT Vibhore Negi ARIES
37 Decoding Breast Cancer Challenges in All Genders - Steps to Saving Lives Dr. Lopamudra Das Roy Breast Cancer Hub
38 Multi-wavelength polarimetry to investigate the interplay among magnetic field, turbulence, gravity, and stellar feedback Dr. Eswaraiah Chakali IISER, Tirupati
39 Exploring the dynamics of an intense pre-monsoon deep convective system using Stratosphere Troposphere Radar Aditya Jaiswal ARIES
40 Sensitivity of spatial resolution on Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF v3.8.1) simulated meteorology over the central Himalaya Jaydeep Singh ARIES
41 Ground-based Gamma-ray Astronomy B. S. Acharya Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
42 Seismology and physics of the Sun and stars Dr. Sharavan Hanasoge Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
43 Multiwavelength Studies of the TeV Blazar PG 1553+113 Vinit Dhiman ARIES
44 Asteroseismology of pulsating subdwarf B stars using space data Sumanta Kumar Sahoo NCAC, Poland
45 Light Curve Modeling and Period Analysis of Contact Binaries Alaxender Panchal ARIES
46 Gaia 20eae: A newly discovered episodically accreting young star Arpan Ghosh ARIES
47 Selected research highlights from the IISER Mohali Central Atmospheric Chemistry Facility Prof. Vinayak Sinha IISER Mohali
48 Photometric, polarimetric, and spectroscopic studies of the luminous, slow-decaying Type Ib SN 2012au Dr. Shashi B. Pandey ARIES
49 Photometric, kinematic, and variability study in the Galactic open clusters Mr. Jayanand Maurya ARIES
50 Accretion System around Black Holes Mr. Prasoon Kumar Doon University, Dehradun