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Rules and Regulations

The rules and regulations to be followed in the KRC are given below.


  • Membership is open to all the Scientists, Engineers, Research Scholars and Staffs of the Institute.

Working Hours

  • Issue and return of books and use of Library are restricted to office hours on all working days.

Borrower's Cards

The issue of borrower's cards will be regulated as follows:

Designation                          No.of Books/Journals(Back volumes)

All KRC Members                10

  • These cards are borrowed from the KRC on production of office identity cards issued by the KRC.
  • All members should produce their identity cards along with the KRC cards at the time of borrowing books.
  • All Students should return the Card at the end of the final year and obtain "No Dues Certificate" from the KRC. Similarly the staff members who intend to leave the institute should settle all the dues including return of the Cards and obtain "No Due Certificate" from the KRC.

Loss of cards

  • Loss of cards should be reported to the KRC immediately.
  • Duplicate Cards will be issued on payment of Rs.100/- in respect of staffs and Rs. 200/- in respect of student members for each card and on giving an undertaking that they will continue to be held responsible for any loss arising from inadvertent use or misuse of the card lost.

Issue and Return of books

  • Reference books will not be issued on loan. (Except special cases - approve by Chairman).
  • Renewal of books will be permitted for one time only if there are no reservations against those books. For renewals, books have to be presented physically to the KRC.
  • Members before leaving the counter must satisfy themselves as to whether the books which they intend to borrow are in good condition and any damage should be immediately reported to the KRC failing which the member to whom the book was issued will be held responsible.
  • Books that are in special demand may be lent out for such shorter period as may be necessary and books lent out may be recalled at any time, if required.
  • The loan period of a book is 1 months (30 days) and for a back volume periodical is 30 days. The KRC might call back any book at any time from a reader, even if the period of loan has not expired, in special circumstances.
  • Books issued can be renewed only once. However, if there is no other demand, a book may be reissued after it is returned for more than one time.
  • All the visiting student members should wear/produce their identity cards inside the KRC.
  • Any marking or writing inside the books by the members is strictly prohibited and it may cause disciplinary action.
  • A member shall be responsible for any damage done by him / her to the book or other property of the KRC.
  • On default of return of books on the due dates indicated on the date slips, an overdue charge of Rs.1.00/day/book/journal will be collected.
  • Frequent Undue delay in the return of books will result in the cancellation of membership.
  • Loss of books, if any, shall be reported to the KRC immediately and it shall be replaced by another good copy of the latest edition immediately.
  • In case the borrower is unable to replace the lost books, the cost of books plus overdue charges, if any will be levied.
  • Members are advised to make sure that their names have been deleted from the KRC records (register/computer) once they have returned the books issued in their names.
  • Members are advised to make sure that before going abroad (or within India) for two and more months, they should return all the books.
  • Scientists/Engineers are requested to kindly send their information regarding your Project Students via email or written communication to KRC. Without such information KRC will not be able to provide KRC services to such students.
  • Note: KRC Resources (Book/Bound Volume) will be issued to Project Students through the account of their respective Guideonly.
  • Books of reference, illustrations and rare books, multi-volume Collections, Current year serial publications and periodicals will not be issued. However, these may be consulted within the KRC after making necessary entries and signing in the reference record register.

Reservation of books

  • Members can reserve the books which are already issued. The reserved books, after their return, will be kept at the counter for two days for issue to those who have reserved it. A notification regarding the availability of the recovered books shall be given by mail, if they fail to collect the books within two days, the books will be given to the members in the waiting list.

General Rules

  • Personal belongings such as bags, umbrellas, books, files, jackets, pullovers etc. must be left at the racks at the entrance. Students are also advised not to bring any eatable item to the KRC. For making notes they may carry a note book or a few sheets of white paper.
  • On no account, personal books, files and other articles (except loose sheets of papers) will be allowed inside the KRC.
  • Absolute silence shall be maintained inside and in the vicinity of the KRC.
  • There is no provision for Xeroxing/ photocopy of documents, binding, scanning by non- members.
  • Misbehaviour in the KRC will lead to cancellation of membership and also lead to strong disciplinary action.
  • Every members/readers are expected to cooperate with the KRC staffs for good services.